Get Smart Interiors

A tailored approach and personal attention is provided in a way to inform, inspire and assist our clients through the process of transforming their home environment creating attractive, unique spaces that respond to their changing need and to become a personalized expression of themselves.

We believe, when you transform your home you transform your life and your home should tell your story. Listening to our clients and making sure that all your needs are considered and incorporated in our designs, we find creative solutions for the unique challenges of every project.


For many years Shirlene has enjoyed completing interior decorating, redesigning and organizing projects for family and friends. She has always been someone who loves to help others and usually has many projects on the go at once.

Shirlene moved to Canada from New Zealand 5 years ago, downscaling many of her possessions for the move; so she has understanding and empathy for many of her clients who are struggling to de-clutter and minimize their possessions.

Shirlene believes in treating everyone with respect and dignity; finds it so rewarding in creating beautiful and safe living spaces which reflect her clients own needs, wants and personalities.

Shirlene is passionate, creative, innovative, has an eye for detail and functional design; she loves to upcycle and reuse furniture in different ways, providing unique pieces, beautiful, functional and safe personal spaces for all her clients.

Talk With Us

“Shirlene saw what our difficulties were and the dangers for us within our bathroom.

She got stuck in designing a new room, did the demo, organized contractors and even completed the painting herself.
We weren’t at the stage of needing grab bars yet but she made sure all the bracings were ready for future requirements.
She really thought of everything. Thank you, Shirlene, we feel very safe and spoilt to have such a lovely easy to move around in bathroom”

- Nora & John

“My mother is 88yrs of age, recently had a hip replacement.
Shower over tub and vanity in a small washroom and separate toilet room.

Shirlene stepped up to the challenge and created a spa like bathroom, easy to use with walk in shower and knew exactly what was needed to make this full bathroom safe and durable.
It’s so nice to know my mom can be safe in her home where she intends to live for many years to come”

- Lynda

“When it came to our cabinetry, I was so happy Shirlene has an eagle eye for details. There was a slight color difference I didn’t see but Shirlene did and she got it sorted smartly.

Thank you, Shirlene, for your great work”

- Mandy

“The bedroom you created for me Shirlene, leaves me speechless.

You captivated all my dreams and gave me the most beautiful, peaceful, sanctuary I could ever have imagined. I just Love it so much”

- Elaine

"I can not thank you enough for all you have done for us in preparing our house to go on the market.  Your expertise, organization skills and “Checklist” and voila, everything we needed at our fingertips."  Thanks again

- Emmeline

"Thank you for the absolutely amazing job – the place looks fabulous.  In fact, it’s so good that we’ve sold already! Many thanks!"

- Liz

"Thank you for painting on such short notice and thanks for having such understanding and empathy for other people’s difficult situations."

- Rick